Check out these IP summer employment opportunities! Both the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and the Copyright Office are looking for applicants for summer positions.
Every semester, students at the College of Law seek out real-world experiences that will allow them to apply their classroom knowledge. One of the most effective ways for students to find these experiences is through the field placement program.
The seemingly never-ending search for the perfect job: it haunts us all. For first-year students, the search often takes a backseat to more immediate tasks. Readings must be done; assignments written; classes attended. Nevertheless, it remains an integral part of every student’s life.
For most law students, football season is a great excuse to get out of the library and into the stadium. But on Monday, September 19, football will be coming to the Boyd Law Building.
One recently created College of Law class, the Innovation, Business & Law Colloquium, is bringing students and scholars together to explore the role the law plays in resolving contemporary issues in the world. This fall, the IBL Colloquium’s topic is “The Private Law of Privacy.”
Welcome back to the Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Center!

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