The Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Center is pleased to once again offer summer stipends to students working in unpaid positions in intellectual property, antitrust, corporate, business, health, technology, entertainment, or art law, or related fields.  These stipends are available for Summer 2015; stipend amounts vary from $1,000 to $3,000
On Friday, February 13, 2015, Professor Justin Hughes delivered a lecture sponsored by the Iowa Intellectual Law Society and Innovation, Business & Law Center on copyright law and photography.  Hughes, a member of the Loyola Law Schoo
The organization responsible for commercializing the technologies and inventions that University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students develop is seeking up to four JD or MBA students for its Technology Evaluation Internship Program.
It surprises some folks in Iowa to learn that Delaware is the preferred legal home of many Iowa businesses. For example, Principal Financial Group, one of two Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Iowa, is incorporated under Delaware law.
In Delaware in 1998, the ratio of corporations to limited liability companies (LLC) and partnerships was about three to one. Today, the ratio of “alternative entities” to corporations has flipped. For every one Delaware corporation (275,000) there are now about three Delaware alternative entities (826,000).