As part of a continuing series on Fall 2019 semester courses that relate to innovation and business, this post spotlights Securities Regulation.

Fantex Brokerage Services is a company where two SECs collide: the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the Southeastern Conference. Fantex is brokering the sale of shares in the brand of Arian Foster. Foster’s standout performance on the University of Tennessee Volunteers’ football team, a member of the Southeastern Conference, and his current role with the NFL’s Houston Texans, helped launch the brand—which includes sponsorships from Toyota, Kroger, and Under Armour.  However, it is the Securities and Exchange Commission that regulates and enforces whether individuals can invest in Foster’s brand by purchasing stock in it. Professor Joe Yockey introduces students to the federal SEC through examples like this.

While acknowledging that college football often makes for a livelier discussion than lengthy securities statutes, Yockey observed, “understanding securities regulation is vital to helping clients execute their business strategy. It is an area where lawyers can really add value, whether they work in a private firm or in-house.”

To counterbalance the sometimes-dense statutory analysis the course involves, Yockey illustrates the law with distinctive cases. “I like cases that are entertaining, because I find that students retain more when they are having fun,” he said. To that end, students in the course will read about failed get-rich-quick schemes, chinchilla ranching, and the development of Atlantic City casinos. Yockey also frequently has students work together in class on problems that mimic real world situations, a technique that he also uses in his Business Associations (BA) course.

“One of my favorite parts of the class was the PowerPoints and just the overall organization of the class,” said Sara Gardner, a former student who has taken the course, “I really appreciate when the professor tries to make it easy to follow along, and Yockey definitely does this.”

​last updated November 24, 2019 

Course Description 

This course examines the regulation and sale of securities to the public under the Securities Act of 1933 and state blue-sky laws. The course also examines remedies provided through the Securities Act. In addition, the course examines regulation and litigation under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which focuses on companies with publicly traded securities (Prerequisite: Business Associations).

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Thurs, Fri 2:00-3:20