As part of a continuing series on Spring 2020 semester courses that relate to innovation and business, this post spotlights Medical Tutorial for Law Students.

In addition to housing the nationally recognized College of Law, the University of Iowa is also home to one of America’s best teaching hospitals. Each January, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics provide law students in the Medical Tutorial with a unique opportunity to see firsthand how health law impacts the delivery of health care.

The Medical Tutorial is an intersession course, taking place over five days before the start of the spring semester. What the course lacks in length, it makes up for in intensity. Each morning, students shadow doctors on their regular rounds and in the afternoon meet to discuss their observations. Students follow the same physicians the entire week. Students typically “round” with doctors from the psychiatry, medical psychiatry, stroke, or neonatal units of the University of Iowa Hospital, located near the law school.

“By witnessing the doctor-patient interactions, students gain an appreciation for the complexities of healthcare delivery,” explained Professor Sheldon Kurtz, who supervises the program with Professor Anya Prince. “They see both the law’s effects on how doctors and nurses deliver healthcare and also how doctors and nurses perceive the law’s effect.”

Clint Hugie, a recent alumus who took the course, noted that, “the healthcare industry is highly regulated, and the class allowed us to witness how care providers navigate legal requirements in order to deliver high-quality care that protects patient rights.” Hugie also pointed out the timeliness of the class, highlighting that, “health law is often a moving target, so Medical Tutorial focused on addressing the impact of reform measures and the balance between technological innovation and the legal system.”

Students who wish to enroll must have taken Health Law or an equivalent course approved by Professor Kurtz. Enrollment is limited to eight students. 

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Course Description

The Colleges of Law and Medicine at the University of Iowa are co-sponsoring a Medical Seminar for Law Students.

Enrollment in the seminar is limited to 8 students. On each day of the program, students will spend (1) up to 2-3 hours on medical and/or surgical rounds under the supervision of an attending physician (2) up to 2-3 hours in didactic sessions discussing legal, medical and ethical issues arising from the clinical experience, as well as targeted discussions on issues of perennial interest to the legal profession, such as peer review, credentialization, quality assurance, cost containment, AIDS, reproductive technology, etc. and (3) up to 2 hours exploring recent developments in medical technologies.

Students will earn 2 academic credits for this Seminar and will be required to prepare a 20 page paper on an arranged topic. Students who wish to write longer papers and earn writing units must negotiate this with the instructor. Drafts of the paper will be due in early April and will be presented and discussed by the entire group at two evening sessions to be scheduled for that purpose. Final drafts will be due at the end of the semester. Prerequisite: Health Law or the equivalent.

Schedule Information

Jan. 13 – Jan 17, 2020 8:00A - 5:00P