As part of a continuing series on Fall 2019 semester courses that relate to innovation and business law, this post spotlights Health Law.

From Obamacare to Trumpcare, the healthcare system is in the midst of significant change, and that change will have profound impacts on health care. “In health law, law and policy are really one and the same,” Professor Kurtz observed. “The law gives life to the polices that people want to see adopted.”

Health Law provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the complexities of the health system and how medical professionals and organizations handle those complexities. Professor Anya Prince taught this course in Fall 2019. “Any student who is interested in an introduction to the operation and economics of the health system in the United States or the legal issues arising for healthcare providers should be interested in taking this course,” Professor Kurtz explained. He added that this “course involves a lot of discussion surrounding health care policy.” By the end of the course, students should have “an appreciation of the myriad issues that arise in the context of the delivery of health care and a better understanding of what is currently a $3 trillion industry in the U.S.”

Sarah Thielen, a 3L, took the course during her second year. “I enjoyed learning about how health law is constantly impacting our lives,” Thielen explained, “and it was interesting to consider how the new election may have immediate consequences.” Thielen also enjoyed the small class size, which she felt helped foster in-depth discussions. “Professor Kurtz encouraged all of us to communicate our opinions, rather than just reading and writing,” Thielen said.

​​last updated November 24, 2019 

Course Description

Major areas of concern in health law; tension between quality, access, costs; may include malpractice, quality control, health care financing, access (insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid), licensing, bioethics (end-of-life decisions, informed consent, surrogacy, organ transplantation).

Schedule Information

Monday & Wednesday, 9:30 – 11:00 am