Gregory Shill

Professor Shill's scholarship and teaching focus on corporate law and contracts. His work has been published in the UCLA Law Review (forthcoming), the Tulane Law Review, the Harvard International Law Journal, and the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. He holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, a B.A. from Columbia, and an M.A. from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Sean Sullivan

Professor Sullivan studies topics at the intersection of law, economics, and statistics. He teaches primarily Evidence and Antitrust. Professor Sullivan's recent publications have appeared in the Journal of Corporation Law; Law, Probability & Risk; and the Journal of Law and Economics.

Jason Rantanen

Professor Rantanen specializes in Intellectual Property Law.  He teaches the Introduction to Intellectual Property, Patent Law, and Trademarks & Unfair Competition courses.  He also runs a group tutorial in which students discuss recent developments in patent law, a subject that is closely linked to his work on the nation’s leading patent law blog, PatentlyO.


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