As part of a continuing series on Spring 2018 semester courses that relate to innovation and business, this post spotlights Business Associations.

Most people probably think that Business Associations is a fairly straightforward course. But there is more than meets the eye. “The class is really about how to manage relationships, often among strangers, where a lot of value is at stake,” Professor Shill explained. In many business settings, people on all sides of a matter have different opinions and expectations. As an attorney, how one attempts to manages these differences can be a crucial element to success. In Business Associations, students explore “how to structure human relationships such that those relationships are robust to challenges that result from human nature,” Professor Shill said. 

After taking Business Associations, students will understand bedrock corporate law. The course will cover non-corporate business entities as well as corporations.  Students will also learn about shareholder activism, mergers and acquisitions, closely-held corporations and, of course, agency. Regardless of the field you want to practice in, Business Associations is an important course because the lessons you can learn from business law in helping individuals and organizations prevent and deal with conflicts extend beyond business law or the legal field in general. 

Professor Shill emphasized that, at its core, business law is about building and sustaining trust. “Business attorneys build in mechanisms and structures for people to sustain levels of trust that they have at the beginning of an undertaking, throughout the undertaking,” Professor Shill said. “These structures let people live up to their best nature and guard against challenges along the way.” 

For students who are not just taking the course to prepare for the bar, Business Associations is a great class to explore areas of business law. “For students interested in pursuing corporate work, whether transactional or litigation, the course gives them the tools to build upon their knowledge in other advanced business law classes,” Professor Shill observed. Even if you’re not sure business law is what you want to end up doing, Professor Shill noted that within the field there is a lot of flexibility in what type of work you do.  

Business Associations is a prerequisite for Corporate Finance, the Deals Seminar, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities Regulation, and Unincorporated Business Associations. It is also a co-requisite for Corporate Taxation.

Amanda Marincic -- October 23, 2017


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