Professors Brian Farrell and Daria Fisher Page, University of Iowa College of Law, present preliminary findings from the first empirical and GIS mapping study of rural access to justice in Iowa, discuss the relationship between empirical research and innovation in the access to the justice field generally, and convey various design approaches to
In this Fourth Industrial Age where computational law promises to become reality, society is experiencing technological advancement and change at a velocity, intensity of focus, and global systemic nature that challenges even our most innovative minds.
Watch Indiana Law Professor and legal rebel Bill Henderson's Spring 2020 IBL Center talk "One-to-Many Human Capital in the Legal Industry"
I'm thrilled to invite you to the Innovation, Business & Law Center's Spring 2020 speaker series, Innovations in the Business of Lawyering.  This lunchtime series explores the future of legal practice as innovators develop new business models, new technologies, and new ideas for delivering legal services and providing access to law and justi
On October 10, 2019, Iowa’s Innovation, Business and Law Center hosted Professor Cara Hamann, PhD, MPH, for a presentation on how public health researchers can impact road safety policy.


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