The Fall 2018 semester has begun at the University of Iowa, which means that the Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Center is hard at work coordinating another year full of exciting events relating to  technological advances.  A core mission of the IBL Center is to organize and host events about intellectual property and business law topics, with the goal of educating and informing students about these areas of law. The IBL Center’s events range from lunchtime guest speakers on specific topics to large-scale daylong events.  This email summarizes the IBL Center's fall programming.

The first IBL Center event took place on August 28, with a United States Patent and Trademark Office co-sponsored event that explored how to protect intellectual property rights in China and the U.S. The USPTO China Intellectual Property Roadshow, a CLE Credit approved event, featured 15 experts from Chinese and U.S. law firms, government and industry who spoke to over 75 attorneys and businesspeople in the audience.  

On September 21, Daniel McGehee, director of the Natioanl Advanced Driving Simulator and associate professor in the departments of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Emergency Medicine, Public Health and Public Policy, will present on autonomous vehicle technology as part of the IBL Center’s Technology for Lawyers series.  Professor McGehee will talk about the past, present and future of automated driving systems and the legal questions that already surround these vehicles to better prepare future lawyers tackle this rapidly developing area of technology.

On September 27, the University of Iowa College of Law’s own Associate Professor Anya Prince will present on the intersection of health insurance and the rapidly-developing field of personalized medicine as part of the IBL Center’s Faculty Speaker series. In her discussion, Professor Prince will explore technologies (such as gene editing) that offer great promise for improving human health, but are also extremely expensive. This tension may produce societal health disparities between those who can afford such expensive treatments and those who cannot.  The Faculty Speaker Series is designed to give students a window into the cutting-edge research that the faculty is working on.

On October 5, the IBL Center will co-host the 2018 Iowa Law Review Symposium. The topic of this year’s symposium is “Administering Patent Law,” and it will bring together leading scholars to discuss the intersection between patent law and administrative law. These scholars will address the fundamental questions of how patent law was, is, and should be administered, providing insights into the patent office's historical origins, its place in the modern administrative state, and recommendations for its future evolution. For more information on the Symposium, visit:

To round out the semester, on October 25 Joseph Clamon, Associate Vice President for Legal Affairs for the University of Iowa Health Care, will present about the business of healthcare.  Mr. Clamon’s talk will explore the nation’s single largest employer—health care and discuss the complexities and regulations of the system to answer whether the current health care delivery system works and the lasting implications of potential health care reforms.

We will be updating this website regularly with new content, so check back for information on courses, events, and new opportunities throughout the year!

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