Welcome back to the Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Center! As the usual back-to-school rush ensues, the IBL Center is gearing up for an exciting year and is dedicated to providing students with wonderful educational opportunities, from guest speakers to unique courses that give students a chance to utilize their learning in real-world scenarios. 

Throughout the year, we will be posting a series of articles on a wide range of topics to encourage students to become more involved with IBL and let students know what is going on at the law school. We’ll be covering events hosted by IBL and the Intellectual Property Law Society, as well as other speakers and events related to business law.  

We are also starting a “Life as a Student” series, with articles focusing on issues geared toward student development. The goal of this series is to provide students with more information on topics to foster academic development and post-graduation opportunities. The series will cover issues such as possible joint degree options, conducting job searches, and a look at course offerings for next spring.  

Don’t forget to check back here throughout the year for updates on events and speakers at the law school and best of luck with the upcoming school year!