Check out these IP summer employment opportunities! Both the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and the Copyright Office are looking for applicants for summer positions.

The PTO is looking for applicants for its Patent Experience Extern Program (PEEP). PEEP offers students an opportunity to work in the PTO. The PTO issues patents to inventors and registers trademarks for businesses. PEEP participants will learn about the PTO’s mission, examine patents, and interact with experts in various disciplines. To learn more about the program, as well as other learning programs offered by the PTO, visit the PTO’s website.

The Copyright Office is also looking for applicants to work in its office through the Copyright Office Law Clerk Program. The Law Clerk Program at the United States Copyright Office offers students a chance to see how the Copyright Office works and gain experience with copyright law. Students work with attorneys on issues that arise within the Office, before Congress, and in the court system. Students also gain hands-on experience in copyright law by preparing reports for Congress and sometimes working on international copyright issues. The law clerks are assigned to work with the Office of the General Counsel, the Office of Policy and International Affairs, and/or the Office of Registration Policy and Practice, depending on student preference and office needs. Find out more information about this opportunity and apply on the Copyright Office’s webpage.

These are great opportunities for students who are interested in IP work, and may be eligible for the IBL Center's summer stipends for unpaid positions in intellectual property and business law. There’s no better place to learn about IP than in the Copyright and Patent and Trademark offices themselves!