I'm thrilled to invite you to the Innovation, Business & Law Center's Spring 2020 speaker series, Innovations in the Business of Lawyering.  This lunchtime series explores the future of legal practice as innovators develop new business models, new technologies, and new ideas for delivering legal services and providing access to law and justice. 

Topics include the fast-emerging practice of litigation finance by leading scholar, Maya Steinitz, scalable legal solutions by one of the most influential people in legal education, Bill Henderson, and the effects of artificial intelligence on legal ethics by law professor and startup founder Albert Yoon.  Speakers will also examine innovation and the practice of law in Iowa, with Bellow Scholars Brian Farrell and Daria Fisher-Page discussing their research on access to justice in rural Iowa and ISBA Innovation Committee chair Kyle Fry talking about how legal practice in Iowa is already changing. 

Talks will begin at 12:45 in BLB 245, with lunch served beginning at 12:35.  Out of courtesy for classes that run until 12:30, please do not enter the room until that class ends.  In order to better match food quantities with the number of attendees, this semester we will only be guaranteeing lunch for attendees who RSVP in advance--so please RSVP if you plan on attending.  You can RSVP or request an Outlook calendar invite for any or all of these speakers by emailing to the IBL Center Administrative Coordinator, Sara Clark.

-Jason Rantanen