During the Spring 2015 semester, the law school will offer a substantial number of courses dealing with intellectual property, competition, and corporate law.  “As in past semesters, students interested in innovation and business could completely fill their schedules with classes on those topics if they desired. There are more courses available than time in a day,” said Professor Jason Rantanen, who will teach Introduction to Intellectual Property this spring. The law school also welcomes back Professor Robert Miller, who was visiting at the New York University School of Law’s Classical Liberal Institute.  Miller will teach three courses in the spring: Corporate Finance, Law and Economics, and the Deals Seminar.

Click on the links below for previews of those courses other innovation and business courses available in the Spring 2015 semester.  Look for additional previews over the coming weeks!

Foundational Courses

Intermediate Doctrinal Courses

Seminars and Practica

Year-long Courses

--Jay Stirling