The Journal of Corporation Law (known around the law school as "JCL") is one of the top corporate law journals in the country. Ranked second in the nation among corporate-law focused journals, JCL publishes articles on current issues in corporate law from some of the nation’s leading corporate academics and practicing attorneys.

JCL is a student-led journal focusing on corporate law. Professor Miller acts as the faculty advisor for the journal, providing advice and assistance when necessary. Bryce Shelman, the editor-in-chief of the 2016-17 volume, described the general editorial process. “JCL receives submissions from academics, working professionals, government employees, etc.,” Shelman said.  After selecting a piece for publication, the editorial board and student writers extensively review and propose edits for all the pieces before they are published.

As a top corporate law periodical, JCL is an excellent resource for professionals and students alike. Because of JCL’s reputation, it receives submissions from preeminent corporate law scholars and experts. JCL also has an advantage in that it offers articles relating to only one body of law. “Unlike other journals, our subscribers always know what they are going to get: excellent analysis of new and emerging trends in corporate law,” Shelman explained. “Other periodicals cover wide swaths of law, some of which are inapplicable and not of interest to all of the readers.”

In the upcoming issue of JCL, readers can expect coverage of a range of corporate-law focused topics. “These topics include executive compensation, insider trading, Delaware appraisal cases, fiduciary duties, diversity initiatives, franchisor joint liability, and venture exchanges,” Shelman noted.

This year, JCL is hosting a symposium titled “What Happens in the Dark: An Exploration of Dark Pools and High Frequency Trading.”  The topic of the symposium is dark pools and dark liquidity. “Essentially a dark pool is a private forum for trading securities where there is very little transparency, as opposed to the NYSE or NASDAQ,” Shelman explained. Former SEC attorneys, professors from distinguished law schools, and various practitioners in the area will be speaking at the symposium, which runs from March 30 to March 31.

For students interested in working on a journal, joining JCL is a great experience. Shelman explained that “being on JCL will expose the student writers to some of the best legal writing in the world,” which in turn helps the students to become better legal writers. In addition to this exposure, student writers write a note about a corporate law topic that interests them. This experience gives students invaluable writing skills in an influential area of the law. To learn more about JCL, visit their website.

Amanda Marincic, January 17, 2017