On Thursday, April 12, the Intellectual Property Law Society (“IPLS”) will be hosting a resume workshop teleconference with Ms. Beth Woods, Managing Director at Major, Lindsey & Africa in Chicago.


The workshop is intended to be a resource both for students attending the Loyola Patent Law Fair this summer and for those looking to improve their resumes for any future intellectual property (“IP”) job applications.


“We sought out legal recruiting firms for a professional like Ms. Woods who could give us specific tips,” said IPLS Public Relations Coordinator Arianna Chronis. “[Ms. Woods] will help students understand the dos and don’ts of what makes a good resume.”


In her work at Major, Lindsey & Africa, Ms. Woods counsels associates and partners in finding and selecting positions most suited to their skills, background, training, and personality.


In addition to hearing from Ms. Woods, students attending the IPLS resume workshop will also have the opportunity to meet upperclassmen who have personal experience crafting resumes for IP-related jobs.


“If there’s time, upperclassmen will share their experiences with the attendees,” said Ms. Chronis. “We have some board members who have gone to patent fair before, so they have a sense of what applicants can do to get a leg up with employers. We also have an option for those who attend to sign up to speak with an Iowa alum who is currently working at Fish & Richardson.”


“If there’s interest, underclassmen can email iowaipls@gmail.com to get in touch with IPLS upperclassmen and get more help with their resumes,” she added.


The resume workshop will begin at 12:40 pm on April 12 in BLB 165D. Lunch will be provided.