The University of Iowa College of Law is home to many student organizations that expose students to different legal fields. One of the most dynamic organizations on campus is the Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS), which is devoted to maximizing student contact with the many aspects of intellectual property law.  On September 11th, the IPLS held its first meeting of the 2015-16 academic year.


Patent Law

The IPLS focuses on bringing speakers and alumni to campus to share their insights on the rapidly evolving patent landscape. Tyler Latcham, an IPLS Board member whose career goals include complex patent litigation, encourages both 1L’s and potential students to consider both the field of patent law and the opportunities to interact with speakers that the IPLS brings to campus:

“We are very excited to have such an active patent focus here in BLB [Boyd Law Building]. In a field as complex as patent law, which has been undergoing significant recent upheaval, additionally practitioner exposure is never a bad thing. We feel that we can best serve aspiring patent attorneys by offering them that kind of exposure, and we hope that everyone takes advantage of those opportunities.”

Upcoming events include a presentation by Southern Illinois University School of Law professor Ryan Holte and the University of Iowa College of Law’s Jason Rantanen on patent trolls, co-sponsored with the Federalist Society. This event will be held October 8th in Room 235 at 12:40 P.M.


Copyright Law

The IPLS has expanded its focus on copyright law in recent years. The IP Buddies program matches students interested in copyright law with older students who share that interest. Board member and copyright Buddy Andrew Stanley recently commented on the development of the IPLS’s focus on copyright law:

“The last few years have seen an exciting shift in the IPLS from a primarily patent-focused organization to a group more valuable to students interested in all types of intellectual property. This is something that we hope to capitalize on in years to come, as we try to bring in students interested in copyright law who might otherwise slip through the cracks.”

Stay tuned for copyright speakers and events in the near future.


Trademark Law

The trademark focus in the IPLS has also grown in recent years. Although there are not currently any trademark speakers on the IPLS schedule, there are plans to bring several to campus this academic year. Additionally, the IP Buddies program has a healthy membership in the trademark area, and is always welcoming new members. Dylan McKinnon, a second-year student interested in trademark law was pleased to discover the IPLS.

“Especially with trademarks, which isn’t something I think lots of people come into law school wanting to focus on, it can be really difficult to know where to start. The benefit of having the IPLS is that even if somebody doesn’t have all the answers you need, there are people who can help you look.”


Upcoming Events

Two sets of upcoming events should be of special interest to students in the IPLS.

The Iowa Intellectual Property Association will be hosting its annual conference at Boyd Law Building this Friday, October 2nd. Attendance is free for University community members but please RSVP to peter-kline@uiowa by September 28th if you will be present.

The ongoing IBL Colloquium offers multiple opportunities for students to see practitioners throughout the IP world. The following schedule details the remaining speakers this fall.


October 1st Peter Molk Owner and Management Commitments: Examining LLC Operating Agreements
October 15th Steven Schwarcz Securitization, Structured Finance, and Covered Bonds
November 4th Joshua Fairfield [ESC]ape: How the Internet of Things is Changing Property
November 19th Camilla Hrdy Patent Nationally, Innovate Locally

                                                                                                                                                                                                   -- Peter Kline | Sept. 28 2015