Each year, the IBL Center awards stipends to up to four students working in unpaid summer internships in innovation and business law-related fields. These stipends are provided to 1L and 2L law students who will be spending their summers working in areas such as intellectual property, corporate, business, and health law. Examples of these internships include positions at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, at hospitals, or in nonprofit organizations that focus on legal issues in the arts and sciences.

For students working in unpaid positions, a little bit can go a long way. The IBL summer stipends help students be able to have these experiences. Without a summer stipend, many students may have to sacrifice a “summer dream job” for a paid position that may not align as well with their academic and career goals.

To be considered for a Summer 2018 Stipend, students must submit their application by noon on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. To apply, please see detailed instructions here: https://law.uiowa.edu/summer-grants.  Each application must include a letter describing the position and its relationship to the mission of the Innovation, Business & Law Center, the projects or legal issues the student will work on during their time at the position, and other relevant information about the applicant’s financial needs, including expected expenses associated with taking the position. The student’s employer/supervisor will also be required to confirm the applicant’s position should a stipend be awarded. Past stipend amounts have ranged from $1000 to $3000.

Megan LaSuer, class of 2017, received the IBL summer stipend her 1L summer when she interned at UnityPoint Health’s legal department in Des Moines. LaSuer found that working in-house exposed her to a variety of legal fields. “Hospitals are highly regulated, so it was important to understand not only health law, but also administrative, corporate, antitrust, and intellectual property law,” LaSuer noted. The position helped prepare her for the rest of her time at Iowa Law and future employment. “This was my first summer internship, so it taught me how to better interact with my superiors and how to handle the projects that are assigned to me. My research skills were also refined.” LaSuer emphasized that the IBL stipend was important to allaying the costs of taking the internship. “I used my stipend to help with living expenses in Des Moines. My internship was unpaid, so the stipend was much appreciated.”

​Amanda Marincic, March 3, 2017