On Saturday, March 25 the IBL Center will host a one-day mini-course on inter partes review for interested students. This mini-course will be taught by Phillip Goter, JD ‘2011, an attorney at Fish & Richardson.

Inter parties review is a proceeding at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in which a party challenges the claims of an issued patent.  A relatively new legal proceeding, inter partes review proceedings have become enormously popular since their creation.

The mini-course will cover issues related to inter partes review, including the procedures, legal issues, and strategies to be successful in an inter partes review proceeding. Further details on the course are outlined below. The course is open to students interested in practicing patent law and junior attorneys who are in their first three years of practice. 

This course is great for students who are interested in patent law and want to learn more about a common, practical proceeding they’ll likely be dealing with as future patent attorneys. It is also a great opportunity for new attorneys to learn more about inter partes review. If you’re interested in participating in the course, please contact Professor Jason Rantanen at jason-rantanen@uiowa.edu. Please note that although there is no charge for participating in the course, it is not being offered for academic credit. 


Inter partes reviews are highly compressed litigations, complete with short discovery period, expert testimony, briefs and mini-trials. They offer patent practitioners an unparalleled opportunity to use and hone their skills. 

Since their creation by Congress in 2011, inter partes review proceedings have risen to become a core mechanism for challenging the validity of issued patents. In the last year alone, the United States Patent Office initiated over 800 inter partes reviews. Knowing how inter partes reviews work is a critical component of every patent practitioner's toolset. 

This one-day mini-course* will focus on the procedures, legal issues and strategies involved in inter partes reviews. Taught by an experienced attorney, it will cover topics ranging from the grounds for seeking inter partes review, the stages of the proceeding, the consequences of inter partes review for both the challenger and the patent owner, and much more. It is open to students interested in practicing in any area of patent law, from prosecution to litigation, as well as junior attorneys in their first three years of practice.

*This course is supplementary instruction sponsored by the Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Center. It is not being offered for academic credit.

​Amanda Marincic, February 14, 2017