Spring is underway, which means it's already time to start planning your course schedule for next year! Students should keep several factors in mind when considering which courses to enroll in, including how many hours to fit into their schedule, fulfilling graduation requirements, taking bar exam courses, preparing for practice, and class times. You can download a copy of the IBL Course Planning Template here.

Below are the IBL-related course offerings for fall 2016. Click on the course name for a full description and preview of the class. Check back for additional course previews in the coming weeks!

  • Advanced Topics in Corporate Law: Corporate Governance/Finance (August intersession)
  • Antitrust Law (Hovenkamp)
  • Business Associations (Yockey)
  • Copyrights (Bohannan)*
  • International Trade Law (Rossi)
  • Trademarks and Unfair Competition (Rantanen)*
  • Corporate Crimes (Mihailis Diamantis – new professor)
  • Regulatory Compliance (Kamerick)

*these courses are typically offered every other year, so if this is a course you're interested in, you should take it this year.

Specialized IP offerings to consider

  • Iowa Medial Innovation Group (Rantanen)
    • Year-long course worth 6 credits total
    • Students in this course will work on issues relating to the development of a medical device in conjunction with medical, business, and engineering students
    • Fulfills skills credit or supervised writing credit
  • Intellectual Property Advocacy (Bohannan)
    • Participate in patent/trademark/copyright moot court competition
    • Fulfills supervised writing credit
  • IBL Colloquium Seminar: The Private Law of Privacy (Rantanen)


Katrina Do | March 29, 2016