As finals approach at Boyd Law Building, students have at least one important question to distract themselves: What classes to take next semester?

Students should and do consider a number of factors when they make course selections. As upper class students know, and 1L’s will soon discover, assembling the perfect schedule is an exercise in balancing personal interests, graduation requirements, bar tested courses, class times, exam pacing, and  relevance to desired careers in the law.

During spring 2016, students will have the opportunity to study an array of innovation and business law subjects. The courses offered include:


Introduction to Intellectual Property: Rantanen

Business Associations: Steinitz

Securities Regulation: Yockey

Corporate Finance: Miller

Mergers & Acquisitions: Miller

IBL Colloquium (Antitrust Law): Hovenkamp

Professional & Unincorporated Firms: Yockey

Advanced Topics in Legal Research (Intellectual Property): Braun

Patent Prosecution: Hansing

Capitalism: Miller

Each of these courses allows University of Iowa law students to learn and experience parts of the law that are tightly bound to the legal underpinnings of our economy and our society.  

As students go through the process of selecting the courses that will occupy their time next semester, the Innovation, Business, and Law Center encourages students interested in the courses mentioned here to take advantage of multiple resources: the course previews available on the Center’s webpage, other students (especially those who have taken the courses mentioned here or who are in related organizations like the IPLS), and the faculty itself.  Students can also use the IBL Center’s curriculum template to plan out their entire law school course progression.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -- Peter Kline | November 3, 2015