Advanced Topics in Corporate Law: Corporate Governance and Finance

Eileen Kamerick taught this course during the August 2017 intersession.

Course Description

This one-credit course will provide students with the opportunity to study the many recent regulatory changes and corporate reforms and their impact on corporate governance. Topics will include the effect of the Sarbanes--Oxley Act on Boards; the regulatory initiatives instituted by the NYSE and NASDAQ; the rise of the lead director; the debate over bifurcating the role of CEO and Chairman; and the shift in the relationship between Boards of Directors and management. In addition to doing readings and discussing them in class, students will participate in "board meetings" and governance simulations. This class will also cover the basics of modern corporate finance theory as it has been applied by leading US courts.

Schedule Information

August 14 - August 18, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm