As part of a continuing series on Spring 2018  semester courses that relate to innovation and business, this post spotlights Advanced Research in Specialized Subjects: Business Law.

Research is an essential part of law school and being an attorney. In Advanced Research in Specialized Subjects: Business Law, students take a deep dive into how research issues specifically relate to business law. 

Students will explore the business law aspects of LexisNexis and WestLaw and will look at more industry-specific resources like Mergent Online and Merchant and Hoover’s Company Profiles. The course will focus on the business law aspects of the airline industry. Students will research labor law, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, international law, and business entities as they relate to commercial aviation. In this type of research and because of the course’s brevity, “it’s better to limit the scope to one industry and look at different aspects of that industry,” Professor Ford explained. 

The class is offered during the January intersession over the course of four days. “In my opinion, students learn research better in a compressed or accelerated time frame,” Professor Ford said. “Students are going to see things they would see in some of the other advanced research courses, but they have the benefit here of seeing it in a particularized situation and in a nicely compressed timeframe.” 

Professor Ford emphasized that the course will focus on experiential learning. Rather than listening to lectures, students will engage with in-class exercises to supplement the out-of-class readings. While there is no final exam, students must complete an individual project which will be due at the end of January. The course is offered for pass/fail credit. 

Professor Ford hopes that students will come away from the class with valuable research skills that will help them stand out in the workplace. 


January 9 – 12